How to make Physical activity more fun for People above the age of 50

How to make Physical activity more fun for People above the age of 50

Older adults above age 50 usually find keeping fit or being more physically active daunting. There is a reluctance to exercise the muscles and make the heartbeat a little faster. Regardless of your age, physical activity has numerous benefits to the body. An aging factor and a sedentary lifestyle can cause a decrease in the amount and size of muscle fibers; however, the benefits of staying active outweigh the pain.

Indulging in routine physical activity, especially for older adults in-home care, reduces pain, improves your mood, and reduces your risks of non-communicable diseases due to living a sedentary lifestyle. St Louis home care takes the health and well-being of every senior client seriously and ensures that they lead a healthy life in their care.

Older adults may not have enough zeal for routine exercises. Home health care in St Louis focuses on providing various activities in the right proportion to make the physical activity interesting for you.

If you are still not sure if being physically active is right for you, here is what staying active does to your health.

The Benefits of staying Active for seniors

  1. Bone density: As you age, your bone density decreases after 40 years of age. It further increases when in your 50s, making you more susceptible to bone fractures. But with regular exercise, your risks of experiencing bone loss and osteoporosis are minimized.
  1. Muscle loss: Some studies suggest that a sedentary lifestyle, especially in older adults, can cause a reduction in the amount and size of muscle fibers. But with routine exercise, your muscle mass can increase.
  1. Healthy joints: Joint issues are common in older adults and may be related to inflammation. With regular aerobic exercise, the joints become more supple and healthy. If you have arthritis, you should consider taking part in such activities. St Louis home health care is available to support you with numerous physical activities.

Are you ready to be active? Here are some fun physical activities you can try.

 3 Basic and Fun activities to stay physically active


Dancing is not limited to merry moments; you can have a good time while also helping your body and joints to keep fit. Can do this aerobic activity with two or more people around you for about 15-20 minutes. The benefits of this form of exercise are that you can do it anywhere and anytime.


A routine walk for at least 20 minutes is as effective as running. We understand that running may not be fun for you; however, sitting in a position for long hours is not healthy for your health and emotional health. You can form a group with other seniors or home care assistants at St Louis and take a walk while you chat for a few minutes.


Yoga has been an excellent exercise to improve the mind and body. You don’t need a tutor or be an expert to get it right; all you need is the willingness, a calm atmosphere, and your yoga mat to get started. You can start with basic yoga, such as bridge pose and mountain pose, for 5- 10 minutes, and then increase your duration as you progress.

Are you an older adult looking for the best home care that feels like home? St Louis home care, Missouri, USA, is the right place to experience good health and comfort in its pure form.

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